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 Born in 26th January, 1992, in Marinha Grande, Joana soon joined the dance world, starting at an early age (3) with classical and creative dance. Later on, at 13 she begins with contemporary dance in the Marta Loreto's Dance school. 


After finishing the secondary school, in the field of Línguas e Humanidades, she is accepted at the Superior School of Dance in Lisbon, where she successfully concludes the degree in Dance - creation-interpretation/performance. She was given a scholarship to attend the Institut Del Teatre, in Barcelona, under the programme Socrates-Erasmus.  In 2017, she finished the Master Degree in Dance Education by Escola Superior de Dança de Lisboa.


The highlights of her education/work:


- Worked with the English choreographer Alexander Whitley in Museu da Eletricidade, Lisbon, attending the Exhibition “Futuro Perfeito” (part of the Lisbon Architecture Triennal, 2013) for the purposes of the work “Pushing Boundaries”. “Pushing Boundaries” had the support of the British Council and it was solely created to be shown at the Marshmallow Laser Feast festival.
- In January, 2013, after auditioning to the spot, attends an Opera entitled “Opera Emilie” (based on Emilie dú Châtelet) after a special participation by the Superior School of Dance had been requested. The before mentioned Opera had its music composed by the finnish composer Kaija Saariaho based on Amin Maalouf’ libret, and staged by André Teodósio e Vasco Araújo with live musical performance by the Gulbenkian Orchestra. The Opera was again performed in October, 2013 at Casa da Música in Porto.

- Attended the Workshop ‘’Lab of Motion'', directed by Raquel Claudino, based on work created for the contemporary dance short-film entitled "Sing Sand Into The Pearls";

- Attended an intensive Workshop directed by Dutch School CODARTS, in Barcelona, held by the teachers Antien Van Mierlo and Keith-Derrick Randolph, with Classical ballet, Cunningham and Neoclassical repertoire (Forsythe);

- Attended the Workshop of contact improvisation, held by Sasha Waltz, within the context of '' Sasha Waltz & Guests'' presentation at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation;
- Attended the Workshop Contact Improvisation taught by, both teacher and choreographer, Amélia Bentes.


In July of 2012, she is invited by the photographer Leandro Araújo to be doing modelling in photo sessions and become part of the photo sessions project "Ballet in the Streets of Portugal".


André Barros is an up and coming composer, with a strong identity and an exceptional capacity for hard work. André was born in the 26th October, 1984, in the city of Marinha Grande, Portugal. Educated in Law and with no musical background, on what refers to education on musical theory or musical interpretation, he begins to compose his first musical pieces by the Summer of 2006.

By the summer of 2010 he decides to apply for the degree in musical production held on ETIC (Technical School of Image and Communication), Lisbon, which gives him, two years later, the necessary tools to be able to produce his own musics. In order to consolidate his gathered skills, André had the privilege of carrying out a three-month internship in Sundlaugin (studio founded by the icelandic band Sigur Rós), Álafoss, Iceland, filling the position of assistant to sound engineer.


In 2013, his debut album "Circustances" is released by portuguese record company Omnichord Records. "Circustances", was widely praised by the specialist press and introduced his musical vision into the national panorama – nostalgic, profoundly poetic, peaceful and magical. A vision that is based on profound melodies that evoke more or less diffuse memories. The capacity that André Barros’ music has to evoke images led to him receiving several invitations, and so he begins his journey as a film composer, writing his very first score for the documentary short-film "Wounds of Waziristan" by independent journalist Madiha Tahir. In 2015, Omnichord Records releases André's second album, entitled "Soundtracks Vol. I". This work compiles a selection by the author of some of the music themes he has been composing for films up to that year. In 2016 André decided to include, for the first time, vocals to his instrumental world and travels to Iceland to collaborate with the icelandic singer/songwriter Myrra Rós. From this collaboration results his third studio album, entitled "In between".

In 2015, he is awarded his first "Best score" prize, at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards for his work in Linda Palmer's short-film "Our Father". His original score for this short-film, directed by the american Linda Palmer - with Michael Gross in the starring role -, is one of the outcomes of this recent love affair with the big screen. André has also been recently nominated for the best "Contemporary-classical/instrumental" music award at the 2017 edition of the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. In 2019, André was awarded the "best song used in film / tv / game" prize given at the 17th edition of the Independent Music Awards, in New York, for his piece "Leda", composed for the original motion picture soundtrack for "Leda" (a film by Samuel Grover).

Up to 2019, André has now collaborated with film producers and directors from the USA, Spain, Sweden, Japan, Iceland, Canada, Mexico, India, Germany and Portugal.

His work surpasses the film industry as he has been intensively working on promotional and corporate videos, with well-known global brands such as LG, Volvo, Volvo Trucks, Prestige, Craft, Stihl, DHL or Dometic.

With musical collaborations that range from Iceland to Sri Lanka, André has released 4 albums so far ("Circustances" 2013, "Soundtracks Vol. I" 2015, "In between" 2016 and "Reasons" 2017) and is currently working actively in the film industry.


André Barros

the ballerina

the composer

Joana Inês Santos

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