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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Find an answer to most of Your questions below! If is there a question or doubt to which You do not find an answer, please do not hesitate to contact us at



- May Your performance last longer than the expected 25 minutes?

  The main reason why our show has, by principle, a duration of around 25 minutes, has to do with the fact that our ballerina needs to balance her physical condition considering she is performing solo, and this duration is a reasonable limit. However, in case of a need for a longer performance, we ask You to contact us in advance so that we can prepare other musical works to be performed by our cellist. 

- Is it possible to have other cello works (not by our composer André Barros) choreographed to our event?


Yes. And in the actual configuration of the show, there are already two cello works by Bach being performed by our cellist. However, and because at this moment we only have prepared the cello works available to hear on this website (check media), it will be necessary that You provide us the music sheets of the mentioned works (accurate transcription for solo cello) in advance so that we have time to choreograph and practise for the event. A reasonable advance time is, for example, around 2 months before for a total duration of a 35 minutes show. 



- Due to logistic reasons happening on our event, we are having trouble in precising at which hour we can have You perform. Is this a problem?


  To this question, we shall answer with common sense. Figured out the day and place for the event, we only ask that in case of a delay of several hours, You may continuously keep informing us and provide us the conditions for us to be awaiting peacefully. However, after serious doubts occur about the possibility, or not, of having the show happening in the same day to which was initially predicted, and after we have been waiting at Your event, we must charge 50% of the agreed total amount in case our performance does not happen at all (this clause is on the contract, available on this website on the next couple of days). 

- We are going to film our event, is there a problem that we also film Your performance?


No, not at all, as long as that movie will not afterwards be subject of commercialization. In this case, we ask You that You first get in touch with us so that we analize the situation and figure out if will there be a need for application of royalties for us.


- We would like to divide Your act between two or more different places, although still on the same event. Is it possible?


  Yes, specially because our logistics mainly involve a cello which is, obviously, easy to carry from a place to another. The only requirement that You cannot overlook has to do with guaranteeing enough space (the minimum for the performance will be soon specified here) and that the floor is also appropriate for dancing (find details soon at this website).



- Do You need a changing room to store Your equipment?


We do need a changing room so that, not only our ballerina has a private place to change her outfit, as well as it is useful for us to store our equipment when awaiting for the performace to take place.


 - Do You have Your own equipment?


Given the current configuration of our performance, in which we only have a cellist and a ballerina performing, there is not much equiment to handle with, only a cello, a music stand, a chair and clothes for the ballerina to change between the two parts of the show. Also, since we do not have the need to amplify our sound, there is no sound equipment involved! We have, therefore, pretty much everything under control!


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