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Dancing is something truly fascinating, being some sort of place from where the deepest feelings seem to naturally arise. To dance is to share emotions and all sorts of feelings, being the movement the language of our soul. In the end, movement and emotions evolve hand in hand, surrounded by these deep feelings in which each one of us is allowed to go further and further...


Nourished by some, complex to others, only with strong pulse and tenacity may one reach one's peak and, therefore, the real harmony between the pleasure of dancing and the consciousness of the tremendous hard-work that comes with it.


These few of words are really not enough to even begin to describe how extraordinary and unearthly is the act of Dancing, nevertheless they are presenting it as an accurate translation of what Joana feels about this passion of hers. Dance better expresses itself when it happens...


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Joana Inês Santos

the ballerina

A guest

the cellist

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